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At Teawine, we use fresh produce. No extracts or artificial flavours, but a genuine tea leaf infusion.
The tea and wine blend is designed and made in Belgium.

Tasse à thé et soucoupe


Back in the Xth century, a Chinese essay vividly described the relationship between tea and wine: “A Debate on Tea and Wine”, by Wang Fu. Today, Teawine associates tea and wine anew, but in a bottle! Indeed, tea and wine are not so distant cousins. They both are millennial drinks with well-known drinking traditions, representing a real art of living. Both have similar notions of origin and tasting. Both ingredients originate from “trees of life”.


With Teawine, we’re not talking about an aromatised wine, but about a truly infused wine. The first version is a white wine infused with flowers, woodberries and Chinese green tea. 
The other version is a sweet mix of white wine infused with apricots, peaches and South-African Rooibos tea.

Vin blanc
Mise en page de thé


Our partners are aware that the only way to get a quality produce is to use the best and freshest ingredients. Indeed, only the best quality and an optimal care during brewing can guarantee a perfect tea. That’s why we work on the raw product: no extracts or artificial flavours, but a genuine tea leave infusion.

Teawine was designed and is entirely blended in Belgium.

“Each ingredient boasts its own culture, none is above the other. On the contrary, they mutually strengthen each other.”

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